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we condemn the illegal occupation of the dprks east coast by the us forces and call for their immediate withdrawal. we note with alarm that the us has continued to increase the scale and scope of its military exercises in the region, in violation of international law, with the stated intention of threatening north korea. we reiterate that nuclear and missile tests and military exercises are incompatible with the dprks obligations under the npt, and that they undermine the denuclearization process.

update call name pes 6 terbaru

we express our condolences on the death of former dprk leader kim il sung. we call on the dprk government to issue an official statement regarding this death. we note with alarm that the government has failed to publicly acknowledge or otherwise engage with the passing of former president kim il sung. it is the obligation of all governments to provide for the family of a former head of state.

we are deeply concerned by the recent reports of a series of mass extrajudicial killings of ethnic uighurs in xinjiang. we call on the chinese authorities to provide a full, independent and credible investigation into the death of the uighur scholar, and we urge them to ensure those responsible for any crimes are brought to justice.

we call for the immediate release of all those who have been detained for peaceful expression of their views. the dprk has consistently supported the right to freedom of expression, and we call on the chinese authorities to ensure the freedom of expression of the dprks people.

we call on the us government to rescind its decision to block the appointment of dr. walid fitri as a united nations special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the dprk. we note with alarm that the decision has been taken over a year after the un human rights council adopted a resolution requesting the appointment of the special rapporteur. we call on the un to ensure that there is no further delay.


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