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Confessions Subtitles English

China is now famous for making and broadcasting the coerced confessions of detainees (mostly pre-trial and often before seeing a lawyer and even formal arrest) on state TV including on international channels.

Confessions subtitles English

Recognizing that international audiences were largely unconvinced by the confessions; in fact they have been roundly condemned globally, especially following Safeguard Defenders' campaign which includes the above report and two pending complaints in the UK which could see CGTN loose its licence to broadcast, China appears to be testing new formats and channels for airing the confessions: short video platforms, police Weibo and private screenings.

These are exactly the same admissions that many human rights defenders were forced to say on camera in TV confessions aired duting 2015 and 2016 during the Party's crackdown against lawyers (also called the 709 Crackdown).

To learn more about China's forced TV confessions, the role of CCTV in making them with the police, and how Chinese media is expanding abroad, especially in Europe, read Safeguard Defenders' book: 'Trial By Media', available on Amazon worldwide as a paperback and kindle ebook.

All texts are in English translation, or with English subtitles. Students will be asked to write five 2/3-page weekly response papers and a 5-page final paper. The grade will be comprised of participation, the short responses and the final paper.

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