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Telecharger Book Of Talent Sims 3

I sent my Sim to the Magnolia Blossom library to read a vampire skill book as I've had other Sims do in the past. When I click on the bookshelves, there are no skill books listed to read, only genre books. This was a minimally modified library by lilsimsie so I thought maybe that was the problem. I tried the library in Windenburg which has not been replaced by a different library and it had the same problem. I removed the downloaded library and exited my game to do a repair. The repair did not fix the problem. So, I had recently place ALOT of lots down in this save from the gallery. and a few Sims as well made for NPC jobs. The Librarian was one of them. This is my custom template I use for all new game play saves. So I thought perhaps a conflict with something on one of those lots or Sims was causing the problem. I removed ALL my downloaded lots and Sims from the game and did another repair. Still the same problem, no skill books available in the library.

telecharger book of talent sims 3



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