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Kai Baker
Kai Baker

Animal Kingdom 5x6 REPACK

This combination of size and window functionality gives you plenty of room, visibility and angles to make a perfect shot when the animal your hunting presents itself. Plenty of room for up to 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children.

Animal Kingdom 5x6

Download File:

Certainly one of the cuter species of the lizard family, geckos are a nocturnal lizard that can climb smooth surfaces due to the pads on its feet. For today's starting Wordle word we used ROAST, which only provided a few incorrect letters and one 'O' placed in the wrong spot. For our second attempt we tried BLOND, this added to the incorrect letter pile and showed another spot that 'O' doesn't go. Our third guess was HIPPO which solidified the correct placement of the 'O' but, again, only added to the incorrect letter pile. After a long pause, there were only a few possible choices for our fourth guess and we got lucky by staying in the animal kingdom with GECKO. This provided a win in four and another successful Wordle puzzle solved. 041b061a72


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