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Novation Bass Station VSTi V1.6 Full BEST Download

Novation Bass Station VSTi v1.6: A Classic Analogue Synth Reborn

If you are looking for a virtual instrument that can recreate the warm, fat and dirty sound of a classic analogue synth, you might want to check out Novation Bass Station VSTi v1.6. This plug-in is based on the original Bass Station hardware synth that was launched in 1993 and became a favourite among dance and electronic producers. Novation has carefully modelled the distinctive analogue-digital character of the original, and enhanced it with more features and versatility.

Novation Bass Station VSTi v1.6 Full Download

Novation Bass Station VSTi v1.6 has two oscillators that can produce sawtooth and square waveforms, a sub-oscillator for extra bass, and noise and ring modulation for more sonic possibilities. It also has two filter types: a classic multi-mode filter that can switch between low, high and band pass modes with 12 or 24 dB slopes, and a new acid filter that can add some bite and resonance to your sound. You can also modulate the filter cut-off and pulse width with the intuitive ADSR envelopes and LFOs, or sync the oscillators for complex and expressive timbres.

Novation Bass Station VSTi v1.6 is not only good for bass sounds, but also for leads, pads, effects and more. You can tweak the sound with the enhanced classic panel that has more controls than the original hardware, or use the on-screen dynamic velocity responsive keyboard to play with expression. You can also save and load your own patches on the unit or in the free librarian software, or use one of the 100 stunning presets that showcase the sonic range of this plug-in.

Novation Bass Station VSTi v1.6 is compatible with macOS and Windows, and works as a VST or AU plug-in in your DAW of choice. It also has MIDI I/O on 5 pin din ports, so you can connect it to other MIDI gear. You can even run an external instrument through its analogue filter and effects for more creative options.

If you want to download Novation Bass Station VSTi v1.6 full version for free, you can visit and follow the instructions to activate your product. You will need to save a cape-unlock-key.fnlf file to your computer and install it on the plug-in to unlock it[^1^]. Alternatively, you can buy Novation Bass Station VSTi v1.6 from for $49 USD.

Novation Bass Station VSTi v1.6 is a great way to experience the sound of a classic analogue synth in a modern and convenient format. Whether you want to make some groovy bass lines, screaming leads, atmospheric pads or anything in between, this plug-in will deliver. Try it out today and see why Novation Bass Station is a legend in the synth world.

Novation Bass Station VSTi v1.6 is not the only way to enjoy the sound of Bass Station. Novation has also released a hardware version called Bass Station II, which is a fully analogue monosynth with digital control for instant patch storage and recall[^2^]. It shares many design cues with the original, such as the state variable filter and the distinctive character, but it also adds more features and possibilities. For example, it has a dedicated overdrive circuit before the filter for extra punch, an analogue distortion effect after the filter for more grit, and a sub-oscillator that can be tuned to one or two octaves below the main oscillators for massive low-end[^1^]. It also has a built-in step sequencer and arpeggiator that can sync to external MIDI devices or your DAW, and a powerful modulation system that lets you assign any of the 16 modulation sources to any of the 30 destinations[^1^]. Bass Station II is a versatile and expressive analogue synth that can create a huge variety of sounds, from classic basses and leads to modern pads and effects.

Novation Bass Station VSTi v1.6 and Bass Station II are both compatible with each other, meaning that you can use them together in your studio or live setup. You can use the free librarian software to transfer patches between them, or use the MIDI ports to connect them and control one from the other[^2^]. You can also use Bass Station II as a MIDI controller for Bass Station VSTi v1.6, or vice versa. This way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: the convenience and flexibility of a software plug-in, and the hands-on control and analogue warmth of a hardware synth.

Novation Bass Station VSTi v1.6 and Bass Station II are both highly acclaimed by users and critics alike. They have won several awards and received positive reviews from various magazines and websites. Some of the artists who use them include Orbital, Soul Clap, Aphex Twin, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, Chemical Brothers, Underworld and many more[^1^] [^2^]. They are widely regarded as some of the best analogue synths on the market, offering great value for money and endless sonic possibilities. c481cea774


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