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American Audio Versaport 64-bit Drivers

the ayp-2000 is like the swiss army knife of external sound cards. the ayp-2000 is perfect for small-form factor systems that need to maximize the sound from the sblive! s small footprint. the ayp-2000s dedicated audio output allows it to take advantage of the sblive!s surround sound capabilities, and the four-channel capability allows you to use all speakers or just the center channel. plus, the ayp-2000 includes a headphone jack and volume control for those times when you do only want the integrated headphone sound. the ayp-2000 has a line-in input for connecting your audio recorder, and it even supports ac-3 decoding for dvd and cd playback. all the ayp-2000 has to offer in this area has been accomplished in the sony/phillips amp. the ayp-2000 is a nice all-purpose solution that requires very little of your system to function.

American audio versaport 64-bit drivers

the sblive!s reference model is the hgc-1s, but this amp will work with virtually any speaker system, so its simply a question of the speaker configuration. the hgc-1s uses discrete signal processing components to make the most of its digital input and output capabilities, as well as the line-in and headphone jacks. what is different here is the hgc-1s analog output. while the hgc-1s provides the usual balanced output for the headphone/line-in connections, its output also includes a switch to allow it to work as a high-impedance line-in, if needed. the hgc-1s will produce the ideal sound for pretty much any audio program from a cd to a wide dynamic range dsd file, and more. its frequency response is top notch, and its crossover setting is so perfect that the only time it really sounds unnatural is when you clip it at high volume. what makes the hgc-1s even more fantastic is its direct connection to the integrated headphone sound. its almost impossible to find a speaker system that will produce the same quality of integrated headphone sound, and its performance even beats the integrated headphone sound of many budget systems that cost twice the price.


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