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Mike Posner - Im Not Dead Yet

"I'm Not Dead Yet" by Mike Posner is a song that explores the emotions of pain, sorrow, and heartbreak. The lyrics describe the feeling of being invisible and ignored by others while also dealing with personal struggles. The chorus of the song, "Ooh, it's all in my head, lightning and thunder and ooh, I'm not dead yet" speaks to the internal turmoil and chaos that the artist is experiencing. Despite feeling brokenhearted and lost, the artist finds solace in creating music and expressing their pain in a beautiful way. The lyrics also suggest that the artist has a certain amount of acceptance towards their own flaws and does not care about what others think of them. In essence, "I'm Not Dead Yet" is a song about finding hope and strength in the midst of personal struggles and having the courage to face them head-on.

Mike Posner - Im Not Dead Yet


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