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Sonic Foundry Vegas Video 5.0b Download \/\/TOP\\\\

While I was quite impressed by SF Media 2.0 for allowing me to drag and drop tracks in and out of the chain, from Real Studio to Real Studio XP and back again, it still lacked the advanced functions provided by Sonic Foundry's CD Architect. However, having tested it extensively over the last couple of years, I discovered a new program called Vegas Video, which was announced in early July, but released later that month. Unlike the plug-in version of Vegas Video, the standalone version does not use the proprietary and external CD Architecture plug-in, but instead uses the SF Media Engine engine which is present within all of Sonic Foundry's products. The CD-like format of tracks in Vegas Video is similar to that in CD Architect, but with some added facilities. Most importantly, Vegas Video allows the user to burn their own CDs, providing a fully self-contained program with a set of CD Studio functions which includes a CD burner, music burner, and music organisation programme. It also offers the ability to preview tracks, play tracks in a CD player, and create CDs from WAV or MP3 files. Of course, one of the most useful facilities is the ability to capture tracks from the soundcard into tracks which can be marked up as if they are real tracks and can be used to produce double your normal track count. You can also edit the CD and add extra tracks or set the default track length or playback speed.

Sonic Foundry Vegas Video 5.0b download


If you are currently using an older version of Vegas Video, you may want to wait for the first update which will ship around August, when a CD Reader version will be made available. If your mastering is complete, then release dates for intermediate and final CD preparation appear to be on track.


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