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Hindi Sex Stories Audio In Female Voice

A selection of the hottest stories on the site, now available as audio porn. Click below to listen to sexy stories read aloud by me and a few fantastic guest readers, or search the site by topic to find posts that match your kinks. New audio porn stories are published on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Hindi Sex Stories Audio In Female Voice


If you'd like to help me make lots more audio porn, please come and support my work on Patreon where you will also get early access to new audio and the chance to request your favourite stories as new audio porn updates.

Asking people to contribute to a Patreon seemed like a good way to get people involved with the project, and also (hopefully!) a sustainable way for me to fund the time it takes to create new posts. In the future, it should hopefully give me enough money that I can pay other people to record audio porn stories too.

Supporting me on Patreon doesn't have to be an altruistic decision either - you get cool stuff in exchange. Personally I think the most useful reward is the ability to remove all on-site ads, including the ones on the audio. Just log in to Patreon, click the button at the top of this page that says remove ads and enjoy your audio free from any sales pitch.If you still need persuading, Patreons get other cool stuff too, from occasional zoom hangouts where I read them unpublished posts and they chuck in ideas for erotic fiction and we generally have a laugh and a lovely time. You can also get GOTN badges, stickers, a card at Christmas, and help make decisions on which posts will get turned into audio porn next. Oh! And if you support at the higher tiers you get serialised audio of my first book, the chance to request custom stories, and more. So if you've ever harboured a desire to hear me talking/writing about a particular thing, supporting this project means I can make your dreams come true.

But whether you support me on Patreon or not, know that I'm committed to getting as many sexy stories as possible turned into audio porn, and published here for free so that everyone can enjoy them. If you do enjoy them, please do share links to this page, and help me make more filth to unleash on the world.

Warren Van Dine PapersConsists of audio recordings, biographical information, correspondence, and materials relating to Mr. Van Dine's editorial positions with Much Ado and Upward. Also included in this collection are several manuscripts and typescripts of poems, essays, and short stories as well as Mr. Van Dine's memories of his time spent as an undergraduate at the State University of Iowa in the 1920s. Photographs, speeches.Repository: University of Iowa Special Collections 350c69d7ab


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