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[S3E6] Revelations Extra Quality

If you thought this week's new episode of Riverdale was creepy, the promo teaser for the next new episode will have you totally freaking out. Now that the Gargoyle King mystery is in full swing, it looks like we may finally start getting some answers in the upcoming sixth episode, entitled "Manhunter." The Riverdale Season 3 Episode 6 teaser includes some scary new details about the Gargoyle King, along with some pretty shocking revelations about the possibly doomed fates of Archie and Josie.

[S3E6] Revelations

Kirk's body also beggars a number of intriguing questions, particularly in light of the episode's other big revelations. Section 31 -- the black-back branch of Starfleet Intelligence with a disturbing number of skeletons in its closet -- has apparently turned to grave robbing. Kirk makes a particularly enticing subject not so much for his record, but for the phenomenon he's experienced and the comparatively easy access to his remains. 041b061a72


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