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Vengeance Sound Electro Essentials (Vol.1 2)l

We love Italo Disco music, you can cleary hear that in vol. 1&2... so it was clear from the beginning, that there will be a another volume: Now its time for the 3rd round! Italo Disco, a long extincted genre from the 80s/90s is back with a vengeance! Manuel Schleis and Marcel Susenburger united a third time to revive these long forgotten sounds in the most authentic way: by using many of the original hardware, which had been used back in the days. There is no other Italo Disco collection on the market, reaching this level of love for details. It's all here, analog basslines, digital bells, powerful drums and toms, warm brasses and pads - and sequences which will immediately want you to dance. You know that you want this unique expansion pack! Get this time-travel ticket and cast a smile on your face.

Vengeance Sound Electro Essentials (Vol.1 2)l

Be prepared for the next chapter of Melodic Techno: Volume 3 is here and it's as great as always. Manuel Schleis and Andy Hinz impressively show again, why this is just one of the most wonderful genres. Strong melodic compositions, trancy & chilled atmospheres, polythytmic and randomized sequences, complex LFO modulized "fluttering" leads and pads, mixed with warm analog basslines and hard deep beats. Each preset is a story an adventure into sound - surprising, unique and always musical and usable for so much more than Melodic Techno.There is so much to explore, especially with the macro controls... A true gem of sound design and a must have for every serious electronic producer.

This product weighs in at a whopping 30GB (22GB compressed), and is overflowing with creative inspiration designed to last for years to come. If you're looking for modern and relevant sounds that are ready to use right out of the box, look no further!From gorgeous, shimmering plucks, epic leads, and quality sound presets, to heavy-hitting basses, FX, drum hits, and vocal loops, the possibilities with this pack are absolutely thrilling. Innovative as always, Sunny Lax has provided a simply breathtaking set of tools to sink your teeth into.For anyone after the cutting edge, modern trance, progressive, or electro sound, you simply can't go wrong with this pack! 350c69d7ab

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