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Bonifati Evseev

Last Hope (2018) Subtitles

A group of futurists, or at least future-oriented people, have already entered this field, namely the Long Now Foundation, fostering long-term thinking as their main mission.1 I discovered this organization late one night when I felt a sudden urge to go ahead and establish a long-term institute, or at least to somehow summon a cohort of like-minded people in a common endeavor to emancipate from the chains of short-term political frameworks of voting cycles, opportunistic behavior, power sickness and other types of infertile megalomania that hamper efforts to make necessary, long-lasting (even if perhaps unpopular) decisions in favor of the long-term viability of humanity and (or rather in) nature. It is vital that we can retain hope of the future.

Last Hope (2018) subtitles

Continue reading on my blog. The hopefully alluring subtitles for the remainder of the blog article are: Long-term Acting, The Clock of the Long Now, Near Future Worries, Taking a Progress Holiday, the Wizard and the Prophet, Progress and Religion, Planting Seeds for the Future through our Children. 041b061a72


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