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Electrician Apprentice Program Colorado

Colorado Springs Utilities supports our mission of providing safe, reliable and competitively priced utilities to our citizen owners and customers by developing a skilled workforce and ensuring we maintain regulatory compliance through apprenticeship and structured training programs.

Electrician Apprentice Program Colorado

Colorado Springs Utilities provides many apprenticeship programs through The University of Springs Utilities. The programs are certified by the Department of Labor (DOL) and Veteran's Administration (VA), incorporate self-study, technical training, and on-the-job learning to enhance craft and trade skills. Openings for apprenticeships will be posted on our jobs page when available.

Colorado is in the process of creating a State Apprenticeship Agency, a move that some say will expand opportunities for residents to gain valuable skills. The agency will give the state, rather than the federal government, the authority to register apprenticeship programs in Colorado as well as establish standards for these programs.

The new state agency would work with businesses and organizations offering apprenticeship programs in Colorado to provide technical assistance to help the businesses create and meet apprenticeship program standards, according to the press release.

In OA states, the registration and oversight of registered apprenticeship programs is done by federal DOL staff through state field offices, according to the American Association of Community Colleges website.

In SAA states, the registration and oversight of registered apprenticeship programs in the state is done by the state. The Department of Labor must recognize a state as an SAA prior to the state becoming one.

Colorado aims to be recognized as an SAA state in 2023. The bill requires the State Apprenticeship Agency to begin accepting applications for the registration of apprenticeship programs on July 1, 2023.

The State Apprenticeship Council oversees registered apprenticeship programs in Colorado and ensures that registered programs are compliant with state and federal laws and standards. The council will be made up of 16 members.

Some people who testified against the bill during hearings cited concerns that creating a state apprenticeship agency will add more bureaucracy or make it more difficult for employers in Colorado to establish or get their apprenticeship programs registered.

Colorado employers are able to have apprenticeship programs that are not registered with the DOL, Keegan said. Registering an apprenticeship program can be a measure of a high quality apprenticeship program, because it shows that the program has achieved the standards required to be registered. Registering an apprenticeship program also allows the employer to access more funding to support apprenticeships, along with other resources.

Apprenticeships and internships are not the same thing, Keegan said. Registered apprenticeship programs require competency development over the course of the apprenticeship, and apprentices are required to receive on the job learning, related instruction, and mentorship on the job.

All DOL registered apprenticeship programs require companies to set up a mentoring structure for the apprentice to receive the training he or she needs to be successful, according to an article written by Denise Miller, the state coordinator for apprenticeships. Companies are also required to determine the wage scale apprentices will receive throughout the program, meaning apprentices will know the starting salary and when they will get a raise prior to beginning the program.

Ninety-four percent of apprentices who complete an apprenticeship program retain employment, and have an average annual salary of $70,000, according to an Office of Apprenticeship fact sheet, which was last updated in September 2020.

You can join the growing cybersecurity sector by participating in an apprenticeship program, where you'll learn the skills you'll need to succeed while also earning a paycheck. Learn more here: #COapprentice #NAW2021

The electrical training ALLIANCE (previously called NJATC) was created over 70 years ago as a joint training program between the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) aimed at training the best electrical workers the industry has to offer. Today, the electrical training ALLIANCE has developed into the largest apprenticeship and training program of its kind, having trained over 350,000 apprentices to journeyman status through local affiliate programs.

Over the years, we have continually trained the best craftsperson in the industry without cost to the taxpayers. Students in the electrical training ALLIANCE training programs earn while they learn by doing apprenticeships. Not only does this allow students to earn an income while in school, it also creates new tax revenue for the economy. Each year, participants in the electrical training ALLIANCE programs pay in excess of six hundred million dollars in taxes. This is truly a model program as it takes little to nothing from the taxpayers while training some of the most productive workers in the world who thereby pay tremendous dollars to the country.

The electrical training ALLIANCE developed uniform standards that are adopted and used nationwide to select and train thousands of qualified men and women each year. Through the electrical training ALLIANCE, the IBEW and NECA have hundreds of local programs offering apprenticeship and training in the following areas:

The apprenticeship program is very unique. It combines school work with on the job training so you earn a living while learning the skills you need for your career. It's really been life changing for me and I would definitely recommend it.

The union electrician program is great on the job and classroom training. I know I have a trade skill and can provide for my family. I enjoy the career and have developed relationships with life long friends

Unlike other electrician schools in Colorado, CrossPurpose helps you gain skills without making you spend tens of thousands of dollars. CrossPurpose will cover your training expenses and even pay you a small stipend. If the high cost of education has prevented you from going to school to be an electrician, CrossPurpose is ready to help. Your free electrician training in our pre-apprenticeship program will prepare you for a stable, long-term job in an in-demand industry.

The cost of attending an electrician training school can be quite expensive. CrossPurpose provides the same pre-apprentice electrician training Denver trade schools charge thousands of dollars for at no charge to you.

  • The APS Electrician Apprentice Program Overview The Aurora Public Schools Facilities department has an electrical apprenticeship position open for Classified employees, which will lead to becoming a State of Colorado licensed journeyman electrician. This is a high need area for the Facilities Department, which has resulted in this rare opportunity. The individual selected will fill an electrical position and in conjunction with that will attend a four year educational program. In support of that effort to become a licensed journeyman electrician, APS will pay tuition and fees relating to textbooks and supplies. Eligibility Interested Classified personnel must meet the following criteria to be considered for this program: Completed one full year working for Aurora Public Schools.

  • Average or above average evaluation(s) completed by supervisor.

  • Willingness to accept an agreement of understanding relating to the program.

PLEASE NOTE: Outside candidates may also be considered for this position. If you are an outside candidate, please contact the Human Resources Employment Office about applying, 303-344-8060 ext. 28028. Application Procedure Employees interested in being considered for this position should request an application packet from the Human Resources Employment office 303-344-8060 ext. 28028. The following information is required in addition to a signed application:


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